We put your words in the marketplace. We bring visibility to your brand. We make dreams a reality.


We format and structure your story for a variety of devices and platforms. From tablet to table book, we can bring life to your work.


We can build a website for you, host it securely, and give you the online footprint you need to be successful.


Whether you want to work with Amazon, Google, or Createspace, we can set you up for success.

Content Creation

Need a wordsmith? We can help with blog posts, social media statements, website content, and more.

Brand Identity

Your brand is your identity. Customers need to know who you are, where to find you, and why you matter.

Social Media

We can take your social strategy up a notch…from creating social media pages to connecting them to your brand website.

Our Services

> Story Formatting

Whether you are focusing on paperbacks, ebooks, or both–we can format, fit, and generate your story file in any popular extensions, including those used on Amazon, Google Play, Apple Store, and Nook Readers.

> Interior Design

We can edit and finalize your interior design for both Print-On-Demand publishing and various ebook formats. Paperback books are still a strong, profitable business, and we want to set you up for maximum success.

> Smashwords Conversion

Smashwords is a free ebook publishing site and marketplace that focuses on providing a simple platform to share your work. We can format and style your document to optimize its marketability to the Smashwords reader base.

> Premium Digital and Print Packages

We offer an all-inclusive package to authors to allow them to reach the maximum audience in the most efficient and effective manner. We will guide you through ebook generation in multiple file extensions, format the interior of your print version, build and host a website for your work, connect you on social media, and provide support and consulting to ensure your work is seen by the world.

> Social Media Support

Leveraging the tools and knowledge from Belle Vie Design, we can optimize and strengthen your online and social media presence. It is extremely difficult to maximize your visibility without participating in a combination of:

  • Personal/Business Website
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter Page
  • LinkedIn Profile and Page
  • Advertising (AdWords, etc.)
  • Amazon Author Central Page

…And that is just the beginning! We can help you navigate the social media landscape and maximize how your valuable time is spent promoting your work. Managing obstacles and new landscapes is challenging and time consuming. Let us help!

> Website Design and Hosting

Working with Belle Vie Design, we can build you a beautiful, responsive website that is optimized for any screen, from desktop to smartphone. We will provide you the online presence you need to grow your brand, and host it for you on secure, enterprise-grade infrastructure. We will build out SEO optimization for your website and help with content creation.